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Upper Hunter Valley Alliance

The Upper Hunter Valley Alliance (UHVA) was formed between the ARTC and Leighton Contractors in July 2009 to deliver a significant program of civil and track works on the Hunter Valley rail network between Singleton and Werris Creek.

A key part of the ARTC 2009-2018 Hunter Valley Corridor Capacity Strategy, the program of works is essential in enabling the rail corridor to meet future demand, deliver coal to port efficiently and thereby contribute to the ongoing strength of the Australian economy.

The extensive scope of work being undertaken by the UHVA team, along with key ARTC employees and sub‑alliance design partners Parsons Brinckerhoff, Coffey and KMH Environmental, includes:

  • Laying of a third 4km track at Nundah Bank
  • Upgrading the major junction at Drayton
  • Reconfiguring the asymmetrical loop arrangement at Scone
  • Constructing new passing loops at Braefield, Belllsgate, Burilda,Pages River and Koolbury
  • Extending the passing loops at Parkville
  • Reinstating 104 points at Hexham
  • Developing Hexham Holding Roads and Liverpool Range schemes to increase capacity at critical points within the network
  • Completing Part 3A Environmental Approvals and property acquisition requirements.

A second Alliance team; the ARTC Ansaldo STS Network Control Systems Alliance (AANCSA) are delivering the signals and communications works across the Hunter network for ARTC.

Client-focused project approvals

As the Alliance is effectively operating on behalf of ARTC’s Major Projects Group, it is required to develop the projects within the ARTC’s governance framework, which includes a predetermined set of deliverables and an approved budget for each project phase.

At the end of each phase, the projects must be endorsed by the Alliance Board, ARTC Budgetary Investment Committee, ARTC Executive Committee, the ARTC Board and the Rail Investment Group. This approval process requires rigorous attention to detail and transparent demonstration of value for money.

The UHVA team has worked with ARTC to fully understand the approval process and ensure that projects that are put forward meet ARTC’s criteria and can progress through the project phases efficiently.

While some of the projects are modest in cost, they have much of the statutory complexity of larger schemes as they are subject to Part 3A approvals and property acquisitions.

Procurement and productivity

To address the Hunter Region’s current resource scarcity, the Alliance has introduced dual or triple supplier procurement strategies.

Key benefits of this have included closer working relationships with suppliers, increased purchasing consistency and simplicity, and most significantly, better value for money for the Alliance.

Each supplier is reviewed and benchmarked against market standards to ensure they continue delivering value for money, year after year.

The Alliance has also standardised delivery and utilises the same crews across projects. This has achieved further value for money, increased consistency and encourages the transfer of lessons learnt across the program.

Environmental monitoring data

For further information relating to environmental management of the project please call 1800 722 669.

NB. The construction of the Nundah Bank project is complete and no additional environmental monitoring data will be generated from 15.3.13  onwards.

UHVA PIRMP Notification 

Nundah Bank Third Track EPL (No. 20028)

Hexham Relief Roads EPL (No. 20333) 

Pollution Monitoring Data