Cross City Tunnel

Project Overview

In late September 2007, a consortium led by Leighton Contractors and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) became the new owners of the Cross City Tunnel. In addition, Leighton Contractors’ Services Division became the new operator of the tunnel.

Operations and Maintenance

Leighton Contractors’ Services Division operates full Maintenance, Operations and Asset Management Services on the 2.1 km tunnel, which includes:

  • a complex Intelligent Transport System, featuring full CCTV coverage, Incident detection systems, real time driver advisory systems, emergency telephone systems and communications networks,
  • mechanical and electrical systems including fans, dampers, substations, control panels, switch rooms, a water treatment plant, lighting, fire and smoke detection systems and fire deluge systems,
  • a free flowing, fully electronic tolling system; and
  • the tunnel structure, pavement and drainage elements, as well as traffic safety assets including signage, line marking and crash barriers.

Routine, preventative and specific maintenance are strictly programmed on the Cross City Tunnel using a class leading asset management system. Using field based inspections and fault reporting, personnel are able to capture asset data using mobile PDA devices. All data captured is immediately processed providing faster corrective action response times.

Development and staged implementation of an integrated ITS, Tolling Network Monitoring and Fault Notification System has enabled significant improvements in efficiency in monitoring and responding to system maintenance requirements.


Being a space restricted, high speed environment, safety on the project is paramount, and at the forefront of our maintenance staff’s minds at all times.

Safety is our number one priority. We provide a safe and fulfilling work environment for our people. Our Safety Essentials program is our commitment to safety, our minimum and non-negotiable requirements that must be met to help keep our people and workplaces safe. Our team continually reviews world best practice in safety procedures and equipment to increase safety of staff and the community.

A Cleaner Option

The Cross City Tunnel removes over a million vehicles every month from the inner city streets of Sydney, providing a cleaner environment for workers, residents and visitors; and creating opportunities for urban development.

The Cross City Tunnel provides significant travel time savings for motorists wanting to bypass the inner city. The ability to avoid traffic lights and enjoy an uninterrupted journey at 80km/hour also uses less petrol and produces less greenhouse gas emissions – good news for motorists and the environment.


  • Awarded the Best Project Finance Deal (2007) by Finance Asia
  • Highly Commended by Chartered Institute of Transport and Infrastructure NSW Achievement Awards (2007) for  transition and improvement of O&M services post purchase
  • 2009 Excellence in Safety Award (National) from the Chartered Institute if Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA).