Canunda Wind Farm

This wind farm is adjacent to the Lake Bonney Stage 1 Wind Farm also undertaken by Leighton Contractors. The developer, owner and operator of the wind farm is Canunda Power Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of International Power plc and Wind Prospect Pty Ltd. Power from the project is sold under a long-term contract to AGL.

The wind farm comprises 23 Vestas V80 wind turbine generators, each capable of generating 2MW of power, giving the wind farm a total capacity of 46MW. Electricity generated from the wind farm is delivered to the South Australian electricity grid via the Snuggery substation, which is located close to the site.

Project details

Leighton was responsible for the design and construction of the civil works and electrical works for the project. These works included:

  • Geotechnical survey, investigation and verification.
  • Design and construction of the 23 turbine tower foundations, each containing approximately 300m3 of reinforced concrete.
  • Route selection, design and construction of 11km of access roads and hardstand areas.
  • Route selection, design and construction of 14km of cable trenches, switchroom, earthing grid, SCADA and lightning protection systems for the 33kV electrical collection system.
  • Construction of the 415V and 240V supply systems to the facility.
  • Design and construction of two meteorological monitoring equipment masts.
  • Construction of a prefabricated control room building.