Employee Value Proposition

Our promise to employees

Our unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which is based on our values, summarises our promise and future as one of Australia’s leading contracting and project development groups for both our current and prospective employees.

Learn about the rewards and benefits of working with Leighton Contractors.

Teamwork and achievement

We’re a company of diverse brands and operating divisions. At the same time, we understand that we need to work together as one team for the benefit and growth of our company. We’re proud of our achievements. Our commitment to excellence and our involvement in award-winning projects have led us to be respected by our peers and competitors, and trusted by our clients. For us, achievement comes from always striving to do better and being rewarded for our efforts.


We’re passionate about our values, which define how we approach our work. We come to Leighton Contractors every day knowing we’re provided with meaningful work, the capacity to balance life’s priorities, and the opportunity to learn and contribute to our company’s success.

Our values are:

  • Safety and health above all else
  • Respect for the community and environment
  • Enduring business relationships
  • Our people are the foundation of our success
  • Achievement through teamwork


Our approach to flexibility is part of our ongoing commitment to develop an inclusive workforce that recognises and accommodates individual circumstances. What’s so great about Leighton Contractors is that flexibility is win-win for all of us who work here and the company as a whole – flexible work and mobility options help meet our needs at different phases of our lives while achieving business objectives.

Friendly and diverse

The immense scale and technical excellence of projects is what draws people to Leighton Contractors – but it’s the friendliness, camaraderie, sense of excitement and lasting feeling of pride that keeps them here. On top of this, we’re a diverse company. At Leighton Contractors, it’s simple: we’re a place for talented people from all backgrounds and perspectives. Our diversity is not only reflected in who we are and what we do, but also in our long history, the businesses we manage and the communities in which we operate. Diversity is part of our fabric and DNA, and key to the success of our company and the clients we serve.


Leighton Contractors is an Australian success story. But it doesn’t just end here. We’re growing and improving every aspect of our company so we can reach new levels of performance. We’re moving forward with confidence and energy.

Our people are the foundation of our company’s success, and are helping Leighton Contractors turn a great past into an even greater future.