Program Overview

Our Graduate Program runs over two years. To guide your development, we have designed a multi-faceted and structured framework that will also allow you to be innovative and creative, and enjoy the start of your working career.

The Program offers opportunities to work at a variety of project and office-based locations, in different roles and on a structured, rotational basis.

Graduate Induction

To ensure the best possible start for our new graduates, we have developed a National Graduate Induction.

Our National Graduate Induction brings all of our new graduates together. The National Graduate Induction formally introduces our graduates to our company, its mission and principles, as well as our plans for the future.

The Induction showcases our iconic and important projects in the regions where we operate, and allows our graduates to meet and talk with our executive leadership.

There are also skills development activities and opportunities to meet peers in order to start building those crucial internal networks.

Development & Support

The framework and structure of the Graduate Program means you will progressively have opportunities to develop technical, business and leadership skills within supportive working environments.

There is also a strong support network in place to ensure that our graduates thrive and perform throughout the Program, backed by on-the-job support from our experienced and talented project leadership.

As a graduate, you can expect:

  • initial meetings with our project leads to set your goals and targets
  • regular feedback on your performance as you learn and grow
  • an end-of-rotation performance review to help you incrementally improve and enjoy success

You will be allocated a mentor for the duration of the Program. Our mentors are selected for their knowledge and experience, as well as their desire to assist others grow and succeed. Both our graduates and our mentors are encouraged and supported to make the most of this relationship.

Each graduate will also be allocated a graduate advisor, who will connect with them regularly and assist them through the Program.

It’s a framework specifically designed for your ultimate success.

Training & Development

Our Graduate Program is a comprehensive development program that builds business, management and leadership skills, and will include:

  • our National Graduate Induction in Year 1
  • the completion of commercial and business capability modules in Year 2
  • the completion of our Frontline Leadership training in Year 2

On-the-job training and coaching for the development of technical skills will play a big part in your Program, and our leaders will be there to help you at every stage – coaching you, providing hands-on training and positive and constructive feedback along the way.

An individualised Training and Development Plan will also be developed and documented, allowing you to keep track of your progress and celebrate all of the milestones you will achieve.

Chartered Status

Our Graduate Program is professionally aligned with Engineers Australia, enabling you to work towards attaining Engineers Australia Chartered status from the moment you start your career with us.