Graduate Induction

With the Leighton Contractors Graduate Induction, we aim to develop our key technical, managerial and leadership people of tomorrow.

Two-year program

Our graduate program runs for two years. To guide your development, you’ll have a ‘tailored’ passport providing you with the framework to thrive and enjoy the start of your working career.

The program offers you the opportunity to work at a variety of project and office-based locations, in different roles, and on a structured rotational basis.

Graduate Induction

With ever-increasing competition to attract and retain talent, how do we ensure the best possible start for our graduates? For new graduates, our Graduate Induction provides that start.

At the start of each year’s intake, a week-long Graduate Induction is held bringing all graduates together from across Australia. Our induction program contains everything from an overview of company strategy to showcasing divisions and projects, skills development activities and Q&A sessions with the Executive Leadership Team. There’s also plenty of time to meet your peers across the company and to build your internal networks.

As a new graduate, you’ll walk away with a sense of excitement about your future with our company, stakeholder and engagement skills, and solid networks with your peers and the Executive Leadership Team. You’ll also receive a great understanding of how we work and lead in alignment with our values.

Enablers and support

The framework and structure of the passport means you’ll have quarterly meetings to set goals and targets, review and receive feedback, and recognise your performance.

We’ll also select a mentor for you, based on your preferences.

Our Divisional Graduate Coordinators are there for you. We don’t want to throw you in at the deep end and see whether you sink or swim. We want you to want to jump in, but feel you will be supported so you don’t just swim – you feel like you’re Ian Thorpe!

Chartered status

Our professional alignment and the structure of the passport enables you to work towards attaining Engineers Australia ‘chartered’ status from the moment you start your career.

Great work/great projects

We work on some of Australia’s largest and most exciting projects. As a graduate with Leighton Contractors, you’ll get the opportunity to do interesting and fulfilling work on some of the best projects going around.

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