The Leighton Contractors’ Infrastructure Investment team is a specialist team that leads Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and other privately financed project tenders and developments, with capabilities as both sponsor and developer.

The team works in conjunction with other Leighton Contractors’ Divisions, as well as external technical partners and advisors, to provide clients with comprehensive and innovative project solutions.

Operating across a range of industries – from transport and defence to education, health and other social and economic infrastructure – the Infrastructure Investment team works with both the government and the private sector to provide dependable, long-term social and economic infrastructure in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Projects typically involve significant financing and equity risk transfer from the client for construction of complex infrastructure, followed by operation and maintenance over an extended period (approximately 30 years). Infrastructure Investment often partners with clients, taking an equity stake of up to 50% in a project. Our investment ensures we work with clients over the life of the project to deliver optimum outcomes.

The team’s successful involvement in PPPs is helping create a platform for future growth and a modern, dynamic economy, as well as improving quality of life for a growing population.

Most recently, the team acted as sponsor and equity investor in the successful bid for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital Project, Australia’s largest health PPP project.

The Infrastructure Investment team is responsible for:

  • Overall project vision and strategy.
  • Coordinated focus on delivery of outcomes.
  • Identification, engagement and alignment of expert partners and advisors.
  • Risk allocation and project reward.
  • Stakeholder and community engagement.
  • Management of bid costs.
  • Management of Leighton Contractors’ equity investments and disposals.