Operating across many diverse and sensitive areas, we are committed to managing our environmental footprint using holistic and consistent frameworks that reflect best practice.

Our culture and environmental approach promotes innovation and participation, enabling our people to actively contribute to the environmental performance of the company.

From issues such as water conservation and carbon, to the day-to-day running of work sites and offices, managing our environmental footprint and minimising our impact requires an open-minded and forward-thinking approach.

Minimising site level environmental impacts such as erosion and sediment control, along with hydrocarbon and waste management, are our prime areas of focus for improving environmental management across our projects. In addition we are increasing our focus on beyond-compliance efforts in resource efficiency, recycling and rehabilitation.

Overall we are looking to lead the industry in environmental management, moving beyond compliance to achieve efficiencies and innovations which shift the way we operate.

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NSW Environmental Monitoring Data 

Leighton Contractors holds the Environmental Protection Licences (EPLs) for scheduled activities within New South Wales and provides pollution monitoring data for each of these projects, and monthly summaries of monitoring data with activities licensed by the EPA where monitoring is undertaken.

The data for the licensed activities are on the following project pages: